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client: entire fs

It pays to think and work a little bit differently than the normal routine. In a departure from my usual practice of working with product sand styling still lifein a studio, I was asked to undertake a series ofcorporate portraits for a client based in Altrincham, Cheshire.

My previous experiences of editorial work has typically involved a combination of regular portraiture, with a touch of fashion styling and lighting. In this instance the client wanted two types of images: individual profile photographs for the website; and images of staff at work in their office environment. It was refreshing to go back to basics, mixing natural light and fill in flash, while working in a setting I was unfamiliar with. 

The client, Entire fs, are a leading independent financial planning company and were a joy to work with and welcomed me in. It was a brief that seems to present it self with a fairly straightforward requirement, shoot head and shoulder standard portraits for use on the website. However it’s a busy office with the team hard at work and you have to be aware not to impact to much on their time.

Not every one is 100% confident in front of a camera and I had to be sympathetic to this. We wanted a relaxed approachable look that Entire FS' clients can to relate to.

Having had a tour of the offices a few weeks prior to the shoot we identified a suitable meeting room as it became apparent that the layout of the open plan office and the natural light available meant we wouldn't be able to complete the 2nd part of the brief without some artistic licence. Some of my favourite images were captured by setting up in the meeting room and asking the staff to pretend to carry out some of their everyday tasks. For both types of images I spent between 5 and 10 minutes with each of them. Everyone is different and this is where you have to be able to adapt quickly, tweaking the pose, lighting and getting to know them and their personality to get a relaxed but business like image.

It was a great project to work on and I hope to undertake a few more of these jobs in the future. It was refreshing and the client was delighted, which is obviously the most important thing about the whole process.

Client: Orisec

Hello all, it's nearly the end of another business year and I would like to start 2017 by thanking all those who I have worked along side and collaborated with over the last 12 months. Obviously clients are the most important aspect of my business as they enable me to continue to grow the business and develop the creative vision I offer. One of the highlights of the past year has been working closely with a company who have successfully launched a new business brand: Orisec Ltd. This UK-based company specialise in designing and manufacturing security systems. Products include digital alarm panels with a variety of finishes and external multi-coloured sounders. 

It’s been a 2 year project so far and I have been working alongside the the team as they have been developing the alarm equipment and shooting the product as it arrives from the factory. I have learnt a fair amount of how the security equipment business is run, and gained a great insight into how a product which is brilliantly designed and beautifully made is developed. 


Carefully lit and well designed photographs are a key part of their marketing. I’ve contributed to the whole image requirements of the design team which has resulted in the images being used on thewebsite, in their  print and digital marketing and the packaging.

It’s been a project that I have enjoyed being a part of and looking forward to continue working with everyone at Orisec this year.