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New projects

 I have been busy in recent months with new and exciting projects and that started with a new client, Wild Camping International. They are starting out as a new venture who are selling ranges of camping and hiking equipment, specifically outdoor tableware and camping kitchen essentials.


Liz who runs the company, based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, came to me to produce a series of images for use for her Amazon storefront. It was a relatively straightforward group of product shots but these still require a fair amount of planning and consideration. 


When shooting e-commerce for different clients you often find yourself coming up against all sorts of different products to be used in lots of different ways so you can never get to complacent on the style or lighting required until you have an understanding of the product and how it works. A bit of research and of course talking to the client helps define the process. With this in mind the fun begins, the product is shot from lots of different angles to help show design and logos, close ups to show detail and images of the item in use or on location can all come together as a collection to give the client a good choice of images to use.