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Back to basics…

I’ve been back in the studio more recently, producing a series of technical product shots of new equipment for Orisec ltd, a manufacturer of high end security equipment, all designed and made in the U.K. these images are used on the website, brochures and in the marketing material produced.

SOUNDERS for web.jpg

It’s always good to get stuck in to my bread and butter, I like the challenge of producing photography of the highest quality possible to show off a clients products. Some items are a little more tricky than others. The key is to look closely at the different materials used and how they may react when placed under lights, working out how the different surfaces may reflect light and where the shadows may fall. It’s all about control.

keypads 500,400,650.jpg

There are times though where we may need a group shot of a few products and no matter how long you spend on a lighting set-up the items are just too incompatible. Different colours and sizes mean there are always shadows and highlights in the wrong place. This is when you need to look what options you have and almost all the time it means compromising with a composite, by which we set up and shoot each individual component separately and combine them together in post production editing. It gives much cleaner and tidier end result, in fact a lot of work is planned in this manner from the outset which can save one or two headaches before they crop up.